Monday, November 01, 2010


Wow, I'm getting REALLY bad at this ):

I admit, it's been a pretty low profile year for me. Hardly any shared photos nor news from me.

Many exciting news from time to time. But I've just been busy with the boy and work, moving out and into a new place. And still, searching to BUY a place :/

I guess, if you were after photos, you'll find it in tagged albums on FB anyway. I left my camera back in KL for my brother to fix and the only reliable source I have here with me is the iPhone, and I've had problems trying to transfer them to my laptop. Boo ):

MAYBE, if I had a nice long break, away from everyone. I would be able to do it at wee hours like I used to. But for now, my time is devoted to work, boy, TVB and friends on the weekends.

You know what, I might just abandon it til I have the time for this once again.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yes, still alive.

Yup, alive not dead. I've given up blogging lately because the one time I had the time and mood to do it, pictures I wanted to share couldn't be uploaded. And yet again, they were saved into draft modes - to be forgotten and never be shared ever again =.=

Okay, last weekend was pretty relaxing. Spent Saturday sleeping in because I was feeling under the weather. Andy took me for fish congee supper at Westlake. Yum.

Sunday - pho for lunch at Victoria St (still not my favourite place for pho). Drinks at 3bagsfull. Dinner at Kotaraya at St Kilda before we headed off for Khalil Fong & Fiona Sit's concert. Okay, too many photos, only sharing a selected few.Outside Palais Theatre.
We heard Khalil rehearsing before we went for dinner. Damn, we were so tempted to sneak into the unlocked side door.
She's got quite a bubbly personality.
I think her songs were surprisingly good. Better than what I was expecting anyway. Wouldn't mind listening to her songs.
I watched recorded clips of her songs after, some were pretty catchy.
And she sang some of my favourite classic songs as well.
Then, the big guy finally showed up.
Sang their famous duet.
He sang most of his classic songs, which was good.
Sang a couple of Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 songs.
I like men who can play many musical instruments.
He's pretty shy! I loved his reaction when random girls starts shouting 'I love you Khalil!' or 'You're the best!' haha *paused&stoned* "Erm, thankew. Like how Michael used to say, I love you too".

They sang Jason Mraz's Lucky - nice! Bet Mei Kee would kill to be here (:

Honestly speaking, I was wondering why would the concert be located here. The theater wasn't big, which was to our advantage because that meant everyone would have a much clearer look of them. A pretty low production concert, I felt - no change of costumes like most singers nor was there a single huge LDC screen like most concerts.

But, it felt cosy. And I came out happier than I expected myself to be. Fiona did not bore me, and Khalil's voice sounds better in real life - despite him having a throat condition and it's his last show in Australia (I think).

Now, it's time to hit the sack. Hope to finish off some of my old posts... one day.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Good Start, Good Start.

Guess what.

I found myself a new accounting job. Part time basis til mid next month, then I'm switched to full-time. FINALLY! Woooooottttt! Hopefully this is a good start to my career (:
My Sheridans has finally arrived. And I ordered another batch of them :D

Monday, June 07, 2010

Dead Tired.

And there goes another weekend.

It was Steph's birthday celebration last night - dinner at Long grain and karaoke at Chi Lounge. Doing it in advance because her actual birthday falls on a weekday. The night was good, I was so tired by the end of it because I worked from 9-5pm. By 4.30ish am, I was dying to snuggle in bed.

You'll think I would wanna sleep in today but some friends wanted to have brunch at Three Bags Full. Two warehouse sales and a shoe shop later, we were all ready to head home for a short rest with our shopping bags. But 2 hours after, we met up again for a simple dinner =.='

So, you see. I didn't have enough rest this weekend. At all. And it's time to go to bed now because it's back to work again tomorrow morning. How much have I spent over this weekend? A bag full of hosiery, 2 cardigans, a top, dress, jeans, denim skirt, and work flats later, I'm just glad I worked yesterday to minimize the damage on my tiny pockets.

Oh, my Sheridan has arrived hohoho. Can't wait to change my sheets soon-ish.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Now You See Me, Now You Don't!

Wow. I haven't shared anything since the end of March. And even the last post was about my trip back in KL. So much has happened since my return in early March. And now it is officially June already. Geez, time flies so quickly.

Oh well, let's have a clean start. I'll try to update a little more regularly from now.. if I've got the energy =.=' But it's been mostly work that's been draining me out. When I'm not half dead from work, I'm probably with Andy or the rest of my mates. In the spare time, I'm doing housework chores like a typical aunty or taking friends here for holidays out for a nice catch up.

I'll love to share all the highlights of my days for the past couple of months, but it might not happen. Really depends if I've got enough time to put them altogether. And if I really can be bothered to.. Plus, I haven't transferred heaps of pics from my mobile to my laptop because it has been running very low on space grrr. Bought a new external HD but I cbf-ed to reformat it etc.

I've been such a good girl this week. 2 loads of laundry done yesterday. Did quite a number of ironing today. Managed to even clean 2 of my stained tops which I've left in my laundry basket for eons (because I really cbf-ed) but I still have two more to go. At least I'm getting somewhere with all my house chores..

On a totally unrelated note, I'm REALLY looking forward to my new Sheridan sheets from to arrive. 1200 TC pillowcases and silk ones too! I'm gonna start camping in bed from now. Now I really wish I bought the entire Icon Snow range as well, sigh.

Okay, bedtime. Ta.

Monday, March 29, 2010

One, Two, Three.

Finally finished my entry on my trip to KL:

11 February 2010

Went to MV to buy some CNY stuff for myself.
Ended up having a very heavy brunch in the midst of shopping.
Janice was around so we met up for awhile. I took this when she was making a payment for her earrings O_O So much cash! Wanna take a wild guess what was the total amount? ;)

12 February 2010I have a new driver at home heh - my brother. He is now officially on the road most of the time :D
Made a pitstop at A&W for my favourite onion ring goodness. I used to always stop by the drive-thru near Curve for some when my brother was still in school. If only they had it here in Melb..

13 February 2010
The annual simple family steamboat lunch at home.
Dinner at BSC's Grand Imperial. And once dinner started, I forgot all about photos this time heh. But the soup was really good stuff.

14 February 2010

First day of CNY and my shopping itch has started. Really loved this bracelet but it was the only one they had left and was slightly faulty ): Pretty, no?
Meet my niece! The poor girl had a slight fever but still, was energetic throughout the day.
She's got such prominent double eyelids and really naturally-curled lashes. I'm jealous!

15 February 2010

Karaoke at Neway with Angeline, KohBeng & one of their friend.
Shu only turned up for catch up at The Chocolate Lounge with LokChin because she arrived at the end of the k-session. Angie & KB left after dinner at Little Taiwan (not nice!) because they had other plans. Since Khai Siang came during dinner, we decided to go for some drinks at TTDI after that. I only stayed til 12 or so and then had my brother pick me up because I felt bad leaving my parents at home though they were enjoying their TVB series marathon. Can you believe that we've been friends for 20 years now? Shocking, huh?

16 February 2010

Had one of my fav Shanghainese dimsum at JW Marriott with some family friends and then headed to Sunway Pyramid to check out the mall because I haven't been there since they opened up the new wing. B. Yong was flying off the next day and wanted to do some last minute shopping before she flew back to Melbourne.
Kurt came to join my brother and I. After he had a simple lunch, we walked aimlessly around the mall til Shu & MeiKee came to join us, which was an impromptu thing. MeiKee wanted to try out the Salt&Pepper lunch thing. This was what Shu & I shared. More aimless walking til the end of the night when it was time to go home.

17 February 2010

My brother picked June up and dropped us at Midvalley for lunch and some light shopping. And she convinced me to get another lingerie that I didn't really need =.=' Kurt came to join after lunch and ShuYee came around the time June left. She wanted to catch a movie and so, we ended up with Percy & Lightning Thief because most of the other movies were sold out anyway.

18 February 2010

Kurt was the pimp again and drove us lot to SS2 for lunch.
One of my new buys from F21v - ribbon ring. I love these smokey jeggings too - comfy!
Suddenly, I've been craving Rojak this trip. I love all the crunchy bits in it, yumyumyum.
Chee Cheong Fun.
Fried Kueh Teow. Not bad.
His new glasses - so stylo haha. Can you see the monograms in the reflection of the glasses?
Mei Kee.The male bestie.
My gurls.
These girls just kept posing when I had to pick up a call =.=
My dear engaged Michelle. So happy for you! But I'm disappointed I couldn't make it for the ROM ):
Oh, my current score for FFF ;)

19 February 2010

Had a bite in one of the cafes on the ground floor at the Robinson end of Gardens. Yes, I'm aware that it's the 3rd day in a row. Their food weren't cheap but the french onion soup and mushroom soup and salad were rather good. Karaoke at Redbox once the rest has arrived.
There IS a reason why she is sitting so close to the screen. She needs to charge her PDA where she keeps all the romanized lyrics of her Mandarin songs -.-"
This is the first time he's opened up and decided to sing. I'm not sure what triggered him haha. Maybe it was because I tried discouraging him to join us for karaoke since he never sings and it's such a waste of money just going there to eat..
Sze. Shu. Mei Kee. YinThink.
Or Stacey, Meggy, Yumie, Elaine.
I always love how she does her hair - such dolly curls! I HEART!Dinner at Fung Lye. I realize I order this all the time when I'm here. Perhaps I should try other stuff as well in the future.
Shu's mini hotpot. And our snacks to share.I'm starting to love Yumie's camera. This mode makes everyone look so flawless!Except for me, maybe. Daren was just in the neighbourhood so he came to join us for dinner too. I can't remember why I didn't take a photo with Leed Wi. I think he switched to another table with a friend before I could..

20 February 2010

My boy's in town!
And he came with a present - a large Shih Tzu!
And a tiny silky terrier.
And not forgetting the Chihuahua. Haha, kidding! His friend, Valerie who is the owner of Pets Icon dropped him off in town and had all her dogs with her.
Lunch at Lot 10's food court. Lamb Chop & some noodle set Andy ordered.
Hokkien Mee & Oyster Omellete.
Wondering how 2 people is going to finish up 4 dishes >_<' My bro picked us up and drove us to Jalan Alor for some dinner late at night. I had Balitung for the first time.Boiled cockles, balitung, mixed satay, four-angled beans and Wong Ah Wah fried chicken wings - shared between 3 people.I think I was about to blink..

21 February 2010

Was so happy to find out my favourite kopitiam in Lucky Garden was opened today. But the Pan Mee stall wasn't opened for business =.=
I had dry pork ball noodles instead.I think my mum bought yummier pork balls in KL though.
Love her lacey white top.
I love this candid shot of Shu.
Mushroom salad to nibble on.
Wild mushroom soup to share. And banana chocolate and mango cheesecake for desserts.
Yes, we headed to Delicious, 1Utama not long after our kopitiam lunch because Shu hasn't had lunch so we had to take a break from shopping for 'afternoon tea' hehe.

The girls had dinner plans so Shu dropped us back in KL. Walked thru the malls for abit before settling down in Sakae Sushi. Ugh, what a dissatisfying meal - the stuff were hardly fresh and not value for $. I'd rather have Sushi Zanmai instead.

When I was waiting for my transport, we bought a coffee right at the main entrance of Pav. I don't remember the name of the cafe at all, but well, it SUCKED. Our drink was served in the usual Starbucks/Coffee Bean plastic cup but it was barely 3/4 full. I think they forgot to put ANY sugar in it at all, and charging me $11 was a total laugh and ripoff! I think I'm never going to order western style coffee anywhere besides blended ones at Starbucks or CB.

Anyway, it was an awesome weekend being able to see my beau. It's never easy when you're both on holidays but apart from each other ):

23 February 2010
Had my weekly appointment at MV again. Took this while waiting to be attended to. Heh.
Lunch with mum at Delicious. Mushroom soup.
And one of my favourite pastas there. Somehow I still think Bangsar Village's branch serves better food.

Joined Angeline and KB at Maxis to sort out some mobile issues. Our movie plan was cancelled because we were running really late. Decided to just grab a bite at the banana leaf place in Bangsar Baru.

Obsessed with his new BB Bold.
Mmm, I conclude that I'm not a fan of Indian stuff like these. I just like the usual mamak food like roti canai and maggi mee goreng etc.

When the couple was dropping me off at BSC, the most embarassing thing happened to me. It was raining soooo heavily and I was aware that the water level has nearly reached the curb. The security guard knew I was trying to get off the car and so he came to assist me with an umbrella. However, the moment I stepped out of the car, the water current was SO strong that it literally just whipped my slippers off my feet. Yep, both of them. So I had to run barefooted downhill chasing after my Havainas. OMG. I just wanted to die. Even the guard was chuckling to himself grrr. And, I had to wander aimlessly in wet clothes around the mall because my brother was stuck in the jam for an hour.
My dinner/supper - I haven't had a Ramly burger for years. I think I got my brother addicted to them too.

24 February 2010

Dinner with Michelle.

See what I mean? I ordered these once again haha.

It was a fantastic date because we really had some private time to talk deeper stuff instead of the general things since we always have friends around. I finally updated her with more about my life too because I haven't been able to catch her much online since my last trip in KL.

She sent me a message with a few kind words but it was enough to put tears in my eyes. Girl, if you're reading this - you're just as special to me too. You've been my human diary since college - through my ups and downs and I really appreciate that. I will try my best to make it to your wedding, but it will require alot of planning from my side to see if I can get time off.

25 February 2010

Spent the noon at Sg Wang walking around, looking for bargains. Met up with Steph's mum to pass her some things on behalf of Steph and ended up having drinks and walking around with her. I was suppose to meet Yumie but she cancelled 2 days ago because she got admitted into the hospital for feeling too dizzy etc. Thank god it was nothing serious.

Parents picked me up for Ng Family's CNY Reunion Dinner. This year we picked to have it at Marco Polo. The hosts of the night.
Do we look like siblings at all?
Chin Tian - my cousin in law. And coincidently, Boon's uncle haha.
My dad must have been in the middle of a conversation or something.
Aww, mum looks perfect in every way.
Cousin Janet telling my dad something. While my bro and I are very engrossed with our food.
Group pic to end the night.

26 February 2010BKT lunch with Angeline before the rest of the girls came and joined us.
After shopping, we shared waffles and a brownie because these girls were longing to snack on something. Shouldn't have indulged since I had a big dinner to attend in the evening.
Candid, but couldn't capture Shu in the pic. Damn.
Diner at Iketeru, Hilton @ KL Central.
Before dinner started.
Strangely pleasant.
Fresh Sashimi.
My brother had these soft shell crabs sushis instead but we shared both of it.
Fresh sashimi platter, each shared by 3 people. So friggin exp! Mum told me it was about $300+ and the waiter made a mistake and sent us 3 of these platters and we thought they split the huge platter into three plates because the 11 of us were sitting around the teppanyaki table which would make it very hard to share a plate.
I never was a salmon person except for raw sashimi. But these were cooked so well that I had to say it's one of the best salmon I've ever had, other than Shira Nui's.
Garlic fried rice.

I must say dinner was superb, but way too much! I could barely finish the last couple of courses. Hope I'll get to eat there again someday.

27 February 2010

Okay, I was determined to have my Pan Mee this trip so we tried again today. And THANK GOD it was opened!
As usual, two saucers of chilli for the my bowl of noodles and sliced raw fish as entree.
Angeline always carefuly picks out the ginger and leaves them on the side like that haha.

Dropped by Mei Kee's shop to go through her stuff and bought a few items for myself. We proceeded to shop at 1u until it was dinner time. Decided to try Pasta Zanmai because I've never had the chance to dine here before.
Fruit tea - nice and light.
My salad entree.
Very yummy sesame pasta. I always have a bottle of Goma sauce back in Melbourne to dip my meat in for hotpots.
Unagi and egg on rice. The salad and pasta was part of this set.
Shu's clam noodles. Not bad but it tastes more like Chinese cuisine rather than Japanese.
Angeline's pizza with egg. It tasted pretty good with a touch of tobasco sauce.
We shared the green tea parfait because we were too stuffed to have one of our own. It's been good being able to hang out with my girls lately.

28 February 2010 Had lunch with my brother at Secret Recipe after getting my glass prescription done. It's been awhile since I last dined here. I used to enjoy their Thai Fried Rice because it's rather spicy. Spent the rest of the day at home, chilling with my family.

1 March 2010

Okay, Michelle & I weren't hungry yet so we decided to have some dessert first.
Some durian dessert.
And Durian Waffles.
Dinner at Seed's Cafe. It's pretty shit now. Her Caesar Salad was simply PATHETIC.
My Nasi Lemak was oh-kayyyyy la. I thought it was better before though. But I still like nibbling on their chicken.
Our soups - beef balls and double mushroom soup. Bleh. Not even fresh.
She refuses to take a photo with me today ): Gave me empty promises of taking some with me if she joined me for dinner the next day.

2 March 2010

Dinner with ShuYee & MeiKee since Shu flies off to Taiwan tomorrow, just like Michelle. Angeline couldn't make it because she couldn't get off work and had no transport anyway. Michelle ffk-ed me ):
As usual, our mushroom soup. It seems this is a 'must-order' when I'm out with these two. Not that I'm complaining.
Cantaloupe and ham which had a slight alcohol taste in it. I conclude that El Cerdo has better ones.
Our sides - sauerkraut and mashed potato.
This is a hugeeee platter of all sorts of pork, that serves 3-4 people. I can highly assure you that it is very fattening. We barely finished it.
We added on a Caesar Salad. It sure beats Seed's but still not the best I've tasted..

Group pic.
Headed to a nearby mamak since Mei Kee's sister and cousin were hungry after work.

3 March 2010 4 March 2010

Decided to have my hair rebonded since my holiday was coming to an end really soon.
MeiKee bought me food while I was having my hair done. Ahhhh, Nasi Lemak from Village Park. I heard it could be a 20mins wait just to takeaway. Don't you just love a bestie like her? Getting you food that she knows you would love. Aww, I feel so loved.She also took me to Wondermilk after that.
Looks at all the colorful varieties of cupcakes!
But I hardly ever eat them. So we just picked 4 to share. See, I also sacrifice my so-called diet to eat these fattening food that I do not even really like, because she wanted to have some. I love her heaps too, ok! Heh. But they were alright, just not something I would buy for myself.

5 March 2010

Dinner at Ah Yat Abalone in PJ. The dinner set we picked weren't expensive, but the quality and taste of their food has obviously deteriorated. Meh, not a place I would want to go to anymore.
Braised shark's fin.
Tiny ass abalone with the usuals.
Prawn or..
Fried chicken rolls which were meant to be the entree of the course =.=
Fried rice wrapped in egg. We also had half a Peking Duck because dad wasn't satisfied with dinner. I've had much better ones elsewhere.
Some avocado cream dessert thing which I did not enjoy. I'm really just not an avocado person.
Sitting around Pappa Rich, while the adults chat. Was hoping to have some egg tarts but they ran out ): Sigh.
Candid shot of my bro - he would kill me if he saw that I posted this one up hahaha.
Loving all the floral prints on the dresses I've purchased recently. Bloody bargain too!
It's not fair that mum's more petite than me ):

6 March 2010

It's my last outing with AngieBaby this trip ):
Finally finished off what I owed her since end of 2005 haha. Anyway, she saw this photo in my camera before I even handed over the card (I was going to surprise her but... =.=). I can be really dumb sometimes.
Lunch at Charms, 1 Utama.Angeline's extra spicy Tom Yum Spaghetti. Not bad, something I would order in the future for myself.I haven't had Assam Laksa throughout this entire trip.Rojak again.
The best among the bunch of ugly photos we took :/

7 March 2010

Went to MV to collect my new glasses and finish off the last beauty appointment of this trip and then spent the rest of the day at home with my family. Mum bought us dinner from Madam Kwan - sweet pork ribs, curry chicken and prawns cooked with petai. I nearly licked my bowl clean from trying to finish off every single bit of the sambal petai.
I'm gonna miss my family when I'm back in Melbourne ):
Kurt happened to be at the airport to send someone off, so he dropped by after that to bid goodbye and have drinks with my family.
I'm not sure how our lives are gonna be if he really does come over to Melb next year.. haha.

And that marks the end of my lovely holidays. Now, I should start planning for the next one heh.